Dual Personality aka. “Batman” First Across the Post (Finally)

It was classic testimony to the wisdom of the saying ‘’If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’’ when Batman flew home winning at Rockhampton’s Callaghan Park racecourse last Friday.

More to the point it should have been try, try, try, try and go on trying again!

Actually, the feat was sufficient to implore one of Batman’s owners Craig Weatherley to implore – “Holy jeepers creepers that was an impressive performance”.

You could forgive Craig for the outburst as he and other part-owners of Batman- Lisa Morgan and Colin Edmonston hasd been waiting long enough for the win to take place.

Hold your horses, are we on the right track here as Batman the comic character hero created in 1939 usually is victorious in Gotham City in New York, America?

That’s correct but this Batman is the racehorse named Dual Personality (ironic really) and at his 22nd start he finally won a race in Rockhampton last Friday.

Mind you his owners Craig, Lisa and Colin who all confess to being devoted fans of the mythical Batman, weren’t really complaining about waiting for their horse’s first win as he had been a good provider in the build-up.

“Batman had run us 11 placings and actually earned prize money at 14 of his previous starts so we could hardly complain. He had earned over $26,000 before the win last week. That’s pretty good considering he is still a three-year-old”, Craig Weatherley said.

In real life this Batman –  Dual Personality (b g 3 Wicked Style(USA)-Cause for Alarm x Ferocity) has been somewhat of a mystery for his owners and trainer Andrew Suli to unravel.

He has promised to win so many times that the group were beginning to question their Batman’s integrity.

“Batman was like a gentleman. He would go up to win a race but then would not go past the leaders and would let them come in first. We reasoned he needed to be stood over a bit”, Lisa Morgan said.

That’s why the likeable “villain” the standover jockey Nathan Day was engaged to persuade Batman to let his rivals have the manners and allow him to set the stage.

Day had no hesitation in sending Dual Personality straight to the lead in last Friday’s 1300 metres Maiden and from there on in nothing could get past him.

The winning connections can only hope that Batman, courtesy of that confidence building won’t revert to his former good manners and allow his rivals to go first when next he races.

However, there is one riddle about the whole saga that remains unsolved so far in this despatch – how did Dual Personality get to be known as Batman?

Shortly after being sold for $8,000 on Sunday, March 10, 2016 as Lot 58 from the Oaklands Stud, Darling Downs draft at the Capricornia Yearling Sales, trainer Andrew Suli’s daughter Jess made an interesting observation.

It seems young Jess, like her Dad Andrew was an avid Batman fan and she commented to her father that a white marking on the horse’s head resembled the symbol of the great capped crusader.

Hence from there on in the little bay colt who was a feisty little devil was dubbed Batman to all and sundry.

Aghast, the unthinkable happened to Batman the racehorse as his demeanour demanded he had to be castrated.

Maybe that’s why Dual Personality has been so well mannered in his races or has he just taken revenge on his keepers?

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Batman coming on television screens when Dual Personality jumps from the barriers again shortly.