Full sister to Helarocity first to reach Rockhampton Showgrounds

In the racing industry “first” means everything.

So the omens were good for an athletic grey filly that was not the slightest bit non- plussed with being the first of an expected 93 of her ilk to arrive at the Rockhampton Showgrounds yesterday.

Maude, as she is stable named by her breeders Ben and Amelia Spoelder from Tullyard Stud, Boodua on the Darling Downs had just taken a nine and half hours float trip to Rocky in her stride

Straight off the livestock carrier, Maude a grey daughter of Ferocity and the Darbonne mare Shezabon, was far more interested in the contents of her feed bin than the new stabling surrounds of the Robert Schwarten Pavilion.

So that’s another plus!

As Magic Million auctioneer David Chester who is likely to sell the grey on Sunday is renowned for saying “buyers this filly will just grow into money” and being a November foal he would be spot on!

Listed early in Capricornia Yearling Sale (CYS) just after the start at 11am as Lot 2, our Maude is a November 7 foal but already she is an eye-turner being a strong athletic type, well conformed in the mode of a sprinter.

Then again, why wouldn’t that be so, given that she is a full sister to Rockhampton owned Ned (AKA) Helarocity who was a cracker of a juvenile here before sustaining an injury?

Big brother Helarocity is doing his dandiest to promote his little sis’ Maude, having won three of his last four starts in Toowoomba with a Doomben second sandwiched in between.

In all augurs well for the Spoelder’s who advise that there have been “plenty of inquiries from the catalogue about Maude”.

Which beckons the question why name such a lovely, striking young lass Maude for goodness sake?

“It’s all to do with characters from The Simpson’s. Helarocity was stable named Ned and his two-year-old younger brother is tagged Flanders. So when this grey filly came along it just seemed a natural to call her Maude”, Amelia Spoelder explained.

Tullyard has an offering of four fillies and three colts in their CYS draft of seven youngsters.

Their consignment carrying Maude and her six mates from The Simpson’s, was lucky to arrive in Rockhampton early yesterday afternoon.

Their carrier was the last to “get through” the western highway route from the Downs as floodwaters near Theodore stopped livestock carriers bringing another 30 yearlings.

Included among that group were 16 yearlings from Neville Stewart’s Oaklands Stud who were subsequently stabled at Moura overnight.

“They are all coping pretty well and while it is not ideal they are well educated and have been stabled at home for some considerable time now. On the positive it is I suppose further education for them but I will be waiting for them anxiously to arrive on Friday”, Stewart said last night.